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Will someone be calling me about my ad design?

No. The Creative Department will correspond with you through email. Creative team members do not call advertisers unless we have issues with reaching you via email and/or we have questions/issues with designing your ad. Our preferred method of contact is email, due to its tracking abilities.

If you need to speak with a creative team member, you can give us a call. 

When will I receive my first ad proof?

You can expect to see your first proof within 5-7 business days. Proofs are generally emailed on Fridays. 

If you do not see your ad within the given time frame, please check your spam folder. Although rare, during busier times, please allow up to 10 business days.

How will my ad be designed?

Typically, we design your first draft using your website, unless otherwise requested. Once we email your proof, we’ll request your high-resolution logo as well as any other digital collateral or information needed.

Alternatively, if you know what you want your ad to look like, or if you want to provide assets for your ad; you can submit those assets/copy to the creative department.

Please note that we only accept jpeg, tiff, ai and pdf images. Please do NOT send MS Word or MS Publisher files with image attachments. Convert those file types to PDF.

Where is my Proof?

If it’s been longer than 5-7 business days, please be sure to check your spam folder before requesting another proof to be sent. If you still do not see a proof, please give us a call or send us an email.


Can I make changes to my ad?

You may revise your ad up to three times. Please review your proof/s carefully. 

When requesting changes, please gather all revisions (or as many as possible) to be submitted at one time. You will be allowed 3 revision submissions. This does not mean that you can only change 3 items. This means that you can submit revisions on three different occasions.

Additional revisions will incur fees. This fee ensures proofs are carefully reviewed, revisions are not abused and are thoughtfully requested. More revisions are allowed only at the discretion of your creative team member. Otherwise, we reserve the right to impose additional fees.

If you have any additional questions regarding this policy, please direct them to the Art Director.


I'm providing a print ready ad. How do I do that?

You can email your ad artwork to art to hello @ You will receive a confirmation email when we’ve received your file (within 1-2 business days, but typically the same day. If it’s been more than 3 business days and you haven’t received a confirmation email about your ad submission, chances are we didn’t receive it or our confirmation went to your spam folder. Please give us a call to confirm if it’s been more than 3 business days.

If your file is too large to email, you can submit your ad to us using a file transfer website. Our preferred options are, or Google Drive. 


What is the fee to have Pridely Design my ad?

There is a flat $50 rate for design. You have the option to purchase your ad with Design Services included or just the advertisement alone. If you made a purchase over the phone, you must notify your sales rep at the time of purchase that you want our creative team to design your ad, otherwise, your paperwork won’t be filed properly. If you stated that you would submit artwork but later decide you want our team to design the ad, please notify us as soon as possible so we can schedule your ad build and assign your design to a team member.


I upgraded my ad. What now?

Great! Now you either have more space to include additional imagery and copy and/or you have great placement and you’ll have more visibility.

If you’re submitting your own print ready ad, please be sure to submit that new ad artwork to the Creative Desk right away. 

If you are unsure or unclear on whether you will be submitting, please reach out to the Creative Department so we know how to process your upgrade.

If we are designing the upgraded ad, you will receive the new proof within 6-8 business days. As always, be sure to keep an eye on your spam folder. If you do not see a proof from us withing 10 business days, let us know.


What happens if I can't submit/approve my ad on time?

You have the option to request to go into our next edition instead. There is no fee for this. However, you must make this request before we go to print, and the request must be by email. 

We will attempt to reach out to you for final approval and/or ad submissions before printing, however, it is the advertisers’ responsibility to get the ad revised, approved and/or submitted in a timely fashion. All advertisers are given an artwork deadline when they first purchase. If you miss your deadline, contact us right away so we can assist you.

In the event you aren’t in contact with us and you haven’t submitted your ad before we go to print, we will design an ad and run it as is for you. If you don’t revise/approve your ad by the time we go to print, the ad will run as is based on the last proof sent to you.


Can I have the final artwork for my ad?

Yes. Once approved, the ad is yours! Just send us an email requesting the final artwork and we will send over a full bleed, cmyk, print ready digital file of your completed ad.


Why hasn’t anyone reached out to me?

I was expecting a call regarding my ad/design/book, why hasn’t anyone called me?

We will only reach out to you when needed:

  • If we need artwork and haven’t received your ad yet.
  • If we have an issue with designing your ad.
  • If there is some other issue we can’t resolve without your input.

Our preferred method of contact is email. Typically, we only call you if email is not a viable option or if it’s a time sensitive issue. Of course, if you want or need to speak with us, you’re welcome to call the design desk.

Why wasn’t I notified about book schedule changing?

Print dates vary. We reserve the right to make necessary schedule changes without notice. We here at Pridely work diligently to get our books out to the public within our proposed schedule date, however, occasionally we must adjust dates to accommodate sales, number of ads, revisions, approvals, holidays and unexpected events such as weather (hurricanes) which can lead to temporary adjustments to office hours.

Although we would love to contact each advertiser personally to provide updates, it is unfeasable. We simply have too many advertisers to reach out to each one individually. Instead, we include a notice about these potential schedule changes during your purchase check out process.


Why isn’t my current advertised issue out yet?

The book is likely not ready to print. This could be due to waiting on final approvals or the rare, late sale. Rest assured, it will print within a reasonable amount of time.

How will a print delay affect my 12-month run?

Your 12-month run is never affected by distribution dates because the 12-month run doesn’t begin until the day the books are distributed. You never lose time on your 12-month run.


What are Markets/Categories?

BOOK MARKETS: This is the edition you’re advertising in. In most cases it is the name of your city/state. If you’re not sure, you can ask your sales agent which market you’re advertising in. (For example: Chicago, Westchester County NY, Seattle, Palm Beaches, Long Island, Denver)

CATEGORIES: All advertisers are allowed up to 2 industry categories to be featured in the directory portion of our books. (For example: family law, plumber, wedding planner, event venue, accounting, hvac, etc. If you still aren’t sure what category you want to be featured as, you can ask your sales agent for guidance)



Are purchases refundable?

All sales are final and non-refundable as stated during your check-out process. We at Pridely will always fulfill our end of the agreement by designing your ad and publishing it online and in print. Once we reserve your category, it is removed off the sales floor and the design process is started. For additional sale questions, please contact your sales agent.

What are upgrades?

An upgrade is an additional change to your ad to improve its space, to include more content or placement to improve your ads’ visibility.

You can upgrade to a larger size, or you can purchase special placement in the book (or both). Please reach out to your Pridely sales agent for more information and pricing. 


How do I upgrade my ad?

If you’ve decided that you want to upgrade your ad, you can reach out to your sales agent. If you don’t remember who your sales agent is, you can ask the design desk to put you in contact with someone in the Sales Department that can assist you.

Please pay close attention to new artwork deadlines. Print dates will not be altered to accommodate upgrades. You’ll need to work closely with your designer to get your ad approved or submitted on time. This is especially true if you upgrade too close to the print date.


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